"It takes a lot more than having a big heart and a spare bedroom."
"There’s tonnes of emotional investment that doesn’t get seen... or appreciated sometimes."
“We are proud to use our Christmas advert as a way to generate conversation and action around an often overlooked issue.”
TACT has reported an 11% increase in queries from people hoping to become foster carers since lockdown.
"He’d never seen my face. The first contact we’re having is right now, on the phone... and he says to me: 'Would you like to come live with us?'"
One woman shares what you need to know if you're considering fostering, too.
“We love the kids. The worst part of the job is letting them go.”
In 1975, Birdie McDonald answered an advert looking for people who would foster and adopt BAME children, due to a shortage of carers. Over the next 40 years she spent her life fostering over 800 children. Here’s what she’s learned about parenting along the way.
I entered the care system at three years old. It’s something I’ve carried as part of me ever since
As a former foster carer and a former social worker, we know how rewarding – and challenging – foster care and adoption can be