Fourth Industrial Revolution

Shadow chancellor spoke out at protest calling for reform of the financial sector.
'The integration of man and machine in the workplace started by decreasing human labour, and eventually human labour will be replaced entirely.'
'If we delve deeper into the seemingly widening gap between human interaction and artificial intellect, our key will be emotional intelligence.'
'Supporting local innovation will drive growth and job creation in those companies.'
'This is what Africa needs. Companies who will create jobs and grow and build up the continent.'
The government and regulatory system is failing South Africans when it comes to this struggle to access information.
"Young people should ensure that skills related to the digital technology and other components of the fourth industrial revolution are prioritised."
Digital tech will make many city spaces redundant: artificial intelligence doesn’t care where it works; autonomous vehicles
For students, is there more to life than the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics? After all
It seems clear that technology will fundamentally alter the way in which we work, live and relate to one another.