As soon as Theresa May stepped out onto Downing Street, and announced that the country would go to the polls on June 8th
Uh oh, here we go again - another urban fox on the attack story. This time though it was a dog that fell afoul of the savage
As someone who manages a team of professional campaigners and lobbyists working to improve animal welfare, it's always nice
Cub hunting is the secretive and illegal practice of training young inexperienced fox hounds to hunt and kill fox cubs. The Hunting Act has been in force for over ten years and yet still hunts continue to train young hounds to hunt and kill foxes. Hunts usually meet early in the morning but sometimes in the evening before the sun sets when the foxes' scent is strongest.
A drunk man who fell asleep at a bus stop says he awoke to find a fox chewing his trousers and trying to pull them off.  Steve
On the morning of the hunt, the man reappeared. He was carrying an empty sack, and a pole with a net attached. Clearly he had come to collect the fox. But the fox wasn't there. Puzzled, he looked around for a while before leaving. It must have been very confusing for him... A little later, the hunt met, just down the road.
flickr | Lukes_photos To help attract wildlife to your area, there are simple tricks, you just need to know which seeds, vegetables
This year's winner of the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition has been awarded to amateur photographer Don Gutoski
If you're pro fox hunting, this is not an attack at you; our opinions may differ, but you are fully entitled to have, and hold onto your own. This post isn't about getting you to change your mind; it's just a call to those who may agree with me on the matter, who may want to do something proactive about the potential lift on the current fox hunting ban.
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The recent article by Joe Duckworth, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) on this site will probably sound reasonable to anyone who, like Mr Duckworth, has little or no experience of hunting and wildlife management. But dig deeper into what he espouses and the cracks in his argument quickly become apparent.
It was a chance to protest, to meet like-minded people and to learn about the issues, but most of all it was a chance to celebrate that if you love and care about wildlife you are in good company here in the UK.
So it's 10 years since the hunting ban was voted in. I wasn't aware of it being a whole 10 years. Crikey, that's an entire decade and I don't look a year older. Anyone who thinks I've had a facelift are talking out of their Botox and I do have my own teeth... in a jar by the bed. Ha ha! But people always want to know my views on this matter since I am a talking fox... an urbane fox as opposed to an urban fox - fox royalty you might say.
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A one-month-old baby who was dragged from his cot by a fox is recovering in hospital. Denny Dolan was seriously injured after
Urban foxes have had a bad reputation for a while now. The 'dangerous dogs' de nos jours, if you will. So we're delighted