freedom of movement

The pledge is at odds with what he said during the Labour leadership contest.
The Liberal Democrats have described the bill as "extremely damaging and controversial" due to its implications for free movement
If we lose this right after Brexit, it will not be the rich who suffer the most, Human Rights Watch advisor Clive Baldwin writes.
What the big Migration Advisory Committee report could mean for movement of people after Brexit.
Boris Johnson’s plan to end free movement of EU citizens will at best only lead to “very small increases” in people’s standard of living, Migration Advisory Committee says.
Building fences will not stop the rich and powerful from living their lives without limits, Green party peer Natalie Bennett writes.
The radical motion also allows EU nationals to vote in general elections.
Shadow minister says party is guilty of "moral failure" for not defending migrants' rights.
Liz Truss has been discussing a post-Brexit free trade deal with her counterparts in Canberra.
The intricacies of the EU referendum were impossible to understand, so we voted for different versions of patriotism we now feel obliged to defend, journalist Joanna York writes.