Freedom of the Press

This is the 21st Century; witch hunting the whistleblower should be an outdated pastime. The Obama administration should develop the insight that the justified concerns raised by a whistleblower have to be investigated and those allegedly responsible for war crimes bought to justice.
The Daily Telegraph has taken the unusual step of publishing details of a conversation between one of its reporters and a
Hugh Grant has said the public are "aghast" at David Cameron's decision to oppose the statuary underpinning of a new system
Lord Justice Leveson has said new laws may be needed to prevent "mob rule" on the internet, as newspaper editors in Britain
The press have to set up the new system and why it is the press and no one else that must develop an independent regulatory regime that will adhere to the Leveson Principles. It isn't for the Prime Minister, the Cabinet or even Parliament to tell them how to do it.
David Cameron has told MPs he has "serious misgivings" about Lord Justice Leveson's recommendation for independent self regulation
Nick Clegg will make a separate statement to the House of Commons today on the Leveson report after David Cameron, exposing
The British public overwhelmingly want to see state-backed regulation of the press. Also, the public do not want to see state
Boris Johnson, who is almost beyond satire, has warned state regulation of the press could prevent journalists doing the
David Cameron is under pressure from his own MPs to reject statutory regulation of the press, on the eve of the publication