This video shows the terrifying moment that white passengers on a Melbourne bus threatened to "f***ing boxcutter" four French
Shangti's work aims to be erotic, but in handing it ('it' meaning sex) to us all on a visual plate, it loses a lot of the evocative and daring side of presenting the sexualised female form on camera.
The UK is suffering from a "bias against knowledge", Education Secretary Michael Gove has claimed. Certain subjects - like
It may be 30 years too late, but Michael Gove issued a heartfelt apology to his former French teacher today for misbehaving
Here in Paris, the most common reaction to the topless photos that I've seen has been a typically French squint. They furrow their brow, raise one side of their mouth as if to show off a newly capped incisor, and exhale noisily. The English-speaking equivalent of the expression would be "duh". The subtext is, what did you expect? The second a famous woman takes off her bikini top anywhere in France, she is going to hear the click of a camera and the patter of tiny fingers emailing the photo to a magazine editor.
Beneath all the traditional media publicity and right-wing outcry about public examinations results in England this last Thursday, there was one statistic that for me was very worrying indeed.
As readers of my FightForYrWrite blog will know, I'm a huge fan of the American fashion and lifestyle brand Kate Spade New York so, as they prepare for the next phase of their UK store expansion, despite the current sunny spell I wanted to bring you this look at some of my highlights from the new AW12 collection.
Olympics, a mega scale sporting event that unites the spirit to compete and push the boundaries of human endeavour witnesses much coveted participation from all nations in the world.
Watching Bradley Wiggins and his glorious sideburns rocketing down the Champs Elysees this weekend, was a sight to behold. His victory, so comprehensive, he may as well have stopped to take a ceremonious wee on the Arc du Triomphe.
Henri the cat goes by many names: Henri Le Chat Noir, Henri The Existential Cat and 'That Cat That Thinks In French For Some