furlough scheme

The government has performed at least 10 U-turns since coronavirus hit. What's left for them to change their minds about?
The government asked pubs for videos of stock being destroyed, but there are concerns that millions of pints down the drain could harm the environment.
Business secretary Alok Sharma leads the daily coronavirus briefing following the chancellor’s announcement earlier today that the furlough scheme will be extended to the end of October. He will be joined by NHS England’s medical director Professor Stephen Powis and HSE’s chief executive Sarah Albon.
As we prepare a payroll for the month the restaurants have been shut, I wonder how long we can keep this up, restaurant owner and Lambeth mayor Ibrahim Dogus writes.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak hosts the daily coronavirus conference. He is expected to give a further update on government’s furlough scheme, which has gone live for people to apply.