Everything you need to know about pay, notice period, holiday entitlement and unfair dismissal.
The Labour leader will also warn the PM of the "scarring effect" mass unemployment could have on communities.
We should also look at extensions to the furlough scheme, writes Stephen Crabb MP.
Stephen Crabb also cautions against ‘painful cut’ in universal credit and calls for hike in legacy benefits to help working poor.
NIESR think tank says chancellor is ending the job protection scheme "prematurely" this autumn.
Chancellor told by MPs furlough scheme excludes more than a million people.
HM Revenue and Customs permanent secretary asked chancellor to formally order him to implement the scheme.
Chancellor also admits his bonus scheme will waste money.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak reveals new "jobs retention bonus" in next stage of coronavirus economic plan.
The PM may need to flesh out his reskilling plans and extend furlough to avoid the worst.