Gambling Addiction

Half of men are gambling online by the age of 24, a new study suggests.
While we are taking gambling addiction off the high streets, we are sending it online
But whether you spend time on the machines, or place bets on the football, how can you tell if your gambling habit is becoming bad for your health?
The social cost of addiction including treatment, welfare, housing and criminal justice is as much as £1.2billion a year. Yet despite the scale of the crisis there is just one NHS funded gambling addiction clinic in the whole of the UK
Tom Watson says plans do not go far enough.
Labour has dismissed the government’s plan to cut the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals from £100 to between
The media - print, advertising, marketing - has an enormous role to play in reporting how gambling affects the fabric of society and real people's lives. But it must do so in a transparent way and look to itself if it wants to uncover the truth, rather than just attack digital media.
More than a quarter of league teams have gambling logos on their shirts.