Gender dysphoria

In this film we follow boylesque and burlesque performer Mark Anthony as they undergo top surgery and perform for the first time in the body that reflects how they identify. The performer is a trans-masculine non-binary drag king who identifies as neither male nor female. Under the UK’s 2004 Gender Recognition Act, Mark’s gender doesn’t legally exist.
Liz Truss says changes will not be made to the Gender Recognition Act, but reveals three new gender clinics will be opened in 2020.
As figures show a rise in children referred to gender identity clinics in the past decade, one teen going through the transition process talks exclusively to HuffPost UK.
By contrast, Virgin Active and EasyGym said they “welcomed” members to use changing rooms of the gender they identify with.
My neurodivergences affect the ways that I use pronouns, even the way in which I name myself the words that my OCD, Tourette’s and dyspraxia make leave my mouth affect my relationship with my gender and my body
Butterfly highlights the often unseen difficulties that trans people face, from using public bathrooms to being told that they’re just going through a phase
Dealing with a child who is feeling suicidal due to their gender identity is unfortunately very common, with shockingly high statistics for suicide attempts by transgender young people. When talking to young people about what triggers these feelings, a common theme is rejection, hate and prejudice.
I wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate why this is a flawed and inaccurate statistic, which should no longer be used as a proof point in the argument against treating children with gender variance.
One voice which appears to have been lost in this narrative is that of the child. Statistics show that nearly half of all gender variant children attempt suicide (there are no official figures for the greater number who self harm).
The lack of care experienced by members of the trans community is not exclusive to nurses and the points raised in the research shine a spotlight on the way in which the wider medical profession treats non gender conforming patients.