General Secretary

"So you can't name a single thing the government's done wrong?" Sophy Ridge asked Mark Harper.
Sky's Jayne Secker hit back at the RMT boss after he accused her of being a "government mouthpiece".
The TUC said patients and parents see through government’s “divide and rule tactics”.
"To insult public servants in this way is contemptible," Dave Penman from the FDA union said.
"If anyone says that's not the case, they are not telling you the truth," the RMT boss told MPs.
She said nurses just want to be able to "make ends meet".
After the unforced error of the Prime Minister’s reshuffle, government departments now have to spend precious time and resources changing nameplates and briefing new ministers
Chancellor Philip Hammond claimed he had relented to 'red' Len McCluskey over funding 'Unionlearn' scheme.
But business groups were invited into Downing Street earlier this week.