george freeman

George Freeman tells HuffPost UK he is "worried" about Boris Johnson's decision to ease lockdown and reopen pubs at a weekend.
"Don’t accuse me please of Project Fear – this is serious Project Business."
George Freeman predicted people would get up and leave the UK
Brexit could turn Britain into an “old people’s home that can’t pay for itself”, the Conservative’s policy chief warned today
The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today.
1. RUNNING SORE Boris Johnson was out running on the streets of Manchester this morning with a Gallagher. His jogging partner
'They’re not wrong, they’re not mad. They’re experiencing the market of today and it is not working for them."
The head of Theresa May’s policy board made a passionate case for empowering young people as he admitted they were working
A Conservative MP has warned ministers not to remove disability payments for people with mental health issues. Heidi Allen