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"My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family & friends stand strong."
Journalist Anneliese Burgess says robbers psych themselves up by watching a movie starring Gerard Butler.
I attended the VIP screening of Lionsgate's latest action thriller, London Has Fallen, last week at London's Ham Yard Hotel. It's taken me a while to do a write-up because I have mixed feelings about the film. On the surface, it's a great action film with incredible special effects, spectacular stunts and a great cast, but there were also moments which made me feel a little uncomfortable.
We do love an unlikely celebrity hook-up, but there’s something even more special when it’s two A-listers, right? Well, if
London is seen burning and crumbling in the trailer Chair of The Tavistock Square Memorial Trust, Philip Nelson, told The
In the past, he’s been linked with some of the most famous women in the world - including Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz
Andy Murray wasn't the only superhero at Wimbledon on Sunday. If you looked carefully into the crowd littered with A-listers
Never mind history being made on Wimbledon's centre court, Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler were busy taking snaps of themselves
Gerard Butler may be a tough nut himself, but he (or more specifically, his bum cheeks) had no problem cracking walnuts on
Gerard Butler faced his toughest test when he played his new film, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ to a preview audience. At the end