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'We believe that periods are normal – not embarrassing.'
Across the world, a shocking 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under the age of 16
Many people have described 2017 as a watershed year for women’s rights. At the start of the year, women’s marches took place
Girl Guides in Rwanda. (Photo: Hervé Irankunda/WAGGGS) Girls deserve to go to school. It's a basic human right. Yet, according
Today is World Refugee Day. A poignant moment for us to reflect as the world grapples with the largest displacement of people since the Second World War.
Photo credit: WAGGGS One of the challenges when running a global organisation that counts 10 million girls and young women
This year, we've put girls firmly in the spotlight. We've encouraged them to speak out on a global stage, share their stories with the world and be the change they want to see.
To mark day seven we are encouraging everyone to speak out to ensure girls and young women are treated equally in their schools, colleges or universities. If a young girl can challenge the voice of an older male teacher in Togo, we hope you can take a couple of minutes to make your voice heard too.
It's clear Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting builds confidence no matter where girls are from. It helps girls overcome adversity to ensure they have the opportunity to become the strong, confident women they so deserve to be.