giving birth

In the movies, a few pants and pushes and you're handed a clean baby, not a single hair out of place. In real life? You are butt naked in a room full of strangers, making noises normally heard on a farm.
The findings “challenge the routine use of pethidine” for women giving birth.
Certainly an unorthodox way to bring on labour!
A pregnant woman who was tired of waiting for labour to begin, asked a judge to issue her baby with an “eviction notice”. Kaylee
I know society expects me to be completely over the miscarriages now. I have my longed for family and I should just move on with my life. And in many ways that's true. I am overwhelmingly blessed to have a beautiful family that I adore. It was a fight to get here. But it was worth it.
WaterAid wants to ensure all healthcare facilities have access to clean water.
A beautiful photo series captures new mums and the midwives who assisted them in an emotional moment of shared joy.  The
How can a woman survive Ebola and then die in childbirth? Easily, if you live in a low-income country where there are big