gluten free

Making the right food choices is never easy. And a month after Christmas, I am sure a fair number of us are still regretting eating quite as much as we did over the festive period.
As an entrepreneur, my kitchen has also doubled as my office. The Genius story began with me slaving over a hot stove, baking
I will do a lot of things to avoid dying of bowel cancer, and if one of those things is going to have to be sounding like a fussy eater in public, then so be it. Picky wins over dead. But the thing I hadn't quite realised is how wheat gets into everything. Like chips.
It sounds like a story we left behind in the 1920s, but according to new research the number of children suffering from rickets
What is a fad diet? I only asked because a few commentators have suggested that gluten-free is the latest in a long line of fad diets - similar to the low carb Atkins Diet craze of a few years back, or the hunter-gatherer diet.
The science of food intolerances is well established, but there is so much we still need to learn about how the body reacts to different food types.
It's been 8 months now. 8 months without gluten in my diet. 8 months without baguettes and "normal" pasta. 8 months without