GMB trade union

"A pay freeze would be an outrageous attack on some of the workers who sacrificed the most during the pandemic", the GMB union said.
An investigation by Karon Monaghan QC found bullying, misogyny, cronyism and sexual harassment were endemic.
Trade union chief's resignation sparks fresh factional warfare within Labour party.
Motion by GMB chapel sparks row with rival Unite and piles pressure on Keir Starmer to act.
Endorsement means Wigan MP almost certain to join Starmer and Long-Bailey in final ballot
The prime minister was labelled "Britain's biggest bottlejob" by Piers Morgan as an aide drops the f-bomb live on ITV's Good Morning Britain.
Union GMB is demonstrating outside firm's UK headquarters over strongly disputed claim that retail giant underpays by £89m.
Chances of conference approval boosted by backing of Labour leadership, Momentum and large trade union.
GMB Union members say they do not think this contract is a fair deal.
Rather than engage with the very serious issues raised, the party instead chose to come after the messengers with a vicious and libellous attack, Sam Matthews writes.
Benefits include holiday pay and individually negotiated wage rates.
It comes as Jeremy Corbyn repeated calls for a general election.
The latest twist in a 16-month saga that has pitted trade union against union, and left Brummies dreading the “worst Christmas bin collections ever”.
Decision will ramp up pressure on Labour.
The retail giant's profits have been on the up, while its contributions have been getting lower.
But a bid to create more ‘Corbyn councils’ faces fierce opposition.
Labour is to face challenges over its links with one of its biggest union affiliates after union member expressed widespread