Good Morning America

"Come forward," Cassie Laundrie urged her brother, the subject of a US search since the discovery of fiancée Gabby Petito's body.
"Man the more I look at this the more thigh I see," Will Reeve later joked about his fashion faux pas.
The Black Sabbath star opened up about his condition in an emotional interview with wife Sharon.
The presenter was accused of "bullying" the six-year-old royal.
The Miss America pageant will no longer feature a swimsuit competition, ending a tradition widely criticised as misogynistic.
“We wasn’t read any rights ― nothing,” said Donte Robinson. “Just double-lock handcuffs behind our backs and escorted out and put into a squad car.”
Cameron Diaz has denied ever claiming that she thought women should have multiple partners rather than one monogamous relationship
Nigella Lawson has spoken out about how "mortifying" it was to appear in court and have details of her acrimonious split
Spare a thought for poor old Sarah Haines from 'Good Morning America' - broadcasting from Times Square ahead of New Year's
Katherine Jenkins swapped the Dancing with the Stars stage (and her staple sequin costumes) for an appearance on Good Morning