grand national

Gordon Elliott has admitted the image is real and has apologised.
Activists have called for better safety precautions.
Crucial Role was injured in a "horrific fall".
"If you can’t let them enjoy themselves without making fun of them, you’re not welcome in Liverpool anymore."
The mere fact that it's a cause for celebration because no horse died at Aintree this year says everything that anyone should need to know about the Grand National and the horse-racing industry generally.
Trying to find the winner- or even a horse to finish in the first five- in such a huge field might appear to be too daunting a task, but in fact the Grand National is less of a lottery than it first appears.
I'm ashamed to admit that I've placed a few bets on the Grand National before. It was about 9 years ago, when I was working in radio and between reading the news; I would run upstairs and place a bet on different horses. At the time, I really didn't think there was anything wrong with it. After all, most of the country gets behind the annual race.
Millions of pounds are expected to be wagered during this week’s Grand National festival, but animal rights campaigners say
The three-day Grand National meeting, best known for the eponymous Grand National race, is almost upon us. The four-and-a
Animal Aid said they raised concerns about the horse's health last year.
A former Grand National winner has died after narrowly winning a race at the Cheltenham Festival Trials Day on Saturday. Many
'ITV has done to racing what Chris Evans did to Top Gear'
The blunt.   And for the love of everything horsey, will someone please wipe the camera lens.   The negative.   ITV’s attempt
Kings Palace was pulled up lame on Saturday and later destroyed.
Everyone's betting on the Grand National and nobody knows what they're doing. That's how Saturday 9th played out amongst my friends.
That being said, it is firmly my opinion that horse racing and the Grand National is not a cruel sport. People who say it is must to do their research. If you have no knowledge of a horse racing, do not force your view onto other naive people who will believe anything they read!
UPDATE: This article has been amended to clarify that five horses have died across the Grand National festival and not during