Green New Deal

We don’t need a dressed up New Deal – we need a Green New Deal, and this isn’t it, Caroline Lucas writes.
News is blow for rival Rebecca Long-Bailey who led the party's green new deal agenda.
The progressive bloc set to rule Europe’s fifth-largest economy has endorsed a Green New Deal but risks fuelling a resurgent fascist movement.
Jeremy Corbyn is in pole position to reap the benefits of an increasingly widespread desire for social change, professor Benjamin Selwyn writes.
Overwhelming support on conference floor for radical policy.
Chances of conference approval boosted by backing of Labour leadership, Momentum and large trade union.
The climate crisis is upon us and we can quite literally feel it, Green MEP Alexandra Phillips writes.
Tackling deepening inequality, unemployment and stretched public services would help repair our divided society – as well as our planet, Green MEPs Alex Phillips and Magid Magid write
Like Ocasio-Cortez' vision across the pond, a Green New Deal can do so much more than tackle the climate crisis. It provides a template for building a world of collective emancipation.
As the head of a union of energy workers in traditional industries you might expect me to argue for the status quo, but we want to save the planet as much as anyone
When climate change already disproportionately affects communities of colour, protests like Extinction Rebellion's must prove it's more than a white middle class concern