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Roseanne Barr has announced she is running for the Green Party's presidential nomination, and it is no joke. The actress
I challenge all those politicians who support HS2 to go out onto the streets and ask real people to choose between spending £17 billion on reducing the journey time for wealthy rail passengers between London and Birmingham by 23 minutes and all the other things we could do for that pot of money.
A pay-as-you-go road pricing scheme to cover the whole of Greater London has been proposed in a Green Party-commissioned
A £3m grant that loses us £5.4m is not a good deal, how could it be? Accepting it would be agreeing to more Tory cuts, and acquiescing to the cynical politics of the coalition government. As a Green, I resist.
Caroline Lucas is the MP for Brighton Pavilion and the leader of the Green party of England and Wales. Following the 2010
Climatologists have recently issued a warning over global weather patterns, stating that the world will experience more severe storms, droughts and flooding and that they attribute this to increased man-made global warming. Durban should be a wake-up call for the world to listen and act.
As Christmas presents go, the coalition government's plan to slash feed-in tariffs and jeopardise the future of the solar industry is a pretty miserable one to say the least. It's all very well hugging a husky in promotional photos, but we need action.
Rubber bullets may be used at the tuition fees protest on Wednesday in cases of "extreme" disorder, which would be the first
Protesters have scaled a drilling rig in Lancashire that extracts shale gas after a report blamed the practice, known as
Westminster politics is deliberately set up to keep power in the hands of major parties, Caroline Lucas, the only Green MP