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He wants 16 and 17-year-olds to be able to have a say in elections.
Labour MP Jim McMahon has criticised Tory members in the Commons for trying to block a debate on extending voting rights
The press is meant to challenge the government and tackle big issues. On this occasion they have been complicit in glossing over a scandal in British life and I only hope that they will have learned their lesson.
Change is generally unwelcome in the House of Lords, and when it does happen, it moves slower than cold treacle. I welcome the Burns Report, on how to reduce the size of the second chamber, from about 850 to 600. I say 'about' as it's hard to pin down the exact figure as peers retire or die at random and the government keeps packing more in regardless.
The Green Party is calling for MPs to be sent to consent lessons in the wake of accusations of sexual harassment and assault
It's not rocket science. The Government know that this discrimination is widespread. Yet it's failing to make simple changes which would give mums access to the justice they deserve.So let's take this simple step and extend the time limit - and then let's explore bold options which will help build modern family-friendly economy fit for the future.
Britain prides itself on its democracy and on the ideas and new discoveries that are made and promoted by our universities. In that spirit we should be keeping all options on the table, remain open to the idea of changing our minds or our approach, and give the public the facts rather than hiding behind a decision we may live to regret.
Toxic air is becoming one of the most urgent global crises of our times, according to the Green Party. Alarming statistics