green party

Don’t despair or let politics be something that is done to you, writes Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party.
He tells PLP: "I get it". Admits clearer message needed.
With the Greens you won’t have to compromise – you can vote for a party who opposes Brexit, and has fought for longer than any other party against austerity, privatisation and war.
As Green gains entered the hundreds and Labour and Tory losses mounted, England's voters made their feelings clear about the old, two party-dominant system
From years of underinvestment, privatisation and economic shock therapy to low pay to our worsening climate crisis, there's much more at stake than just our future in the EU
In the Brexit-voting communities I've been touring, many are waiting to get the control they voted for
Green party MP, Caroline Lucas, is urging the government to rethink the level in which the UK eat meat. The average amount of meat eaten per person in the UK is almost double the world average. If you convert it into an average daily consumption, it comes out at 226g of meat per day for the UK. Research, published in the journal Nature, describes the food system as 'a major driver of climate change', and analyses different options of reducing its impact - including shifting towards a more plant-based diet, flexitarian diet.
The road to fracking in the UK hasn’t just been an assault on our climate and countryside. This has been a full frontal attack on our functioning democracy.
Behind its shiny green veneer, this government has overseen the funding stream for clean energy fall to its lowest levels in a decade
Brighton Pavilion MP will remain in parliament.