Greg Dyke

'Savage attack from around 3-400 Russian cowardly animals.'
More than £13,000 has been raised for an England football supporter who is in an induced coma in Marseille after being attacked
Boris Johnson managed to secure £93 million by threatening to overshadow the Conservative Party conference, according to
If Platini is football's only hope, then there is not that much hope at all. Having been a member of Fifa's Executive Committee since 2002, Platini is far too closely associated with the organisation's past to shape its future.
The scandal enveloping FIFA should have come of no great surprise...Football fans and pundits have long known about slush funds and payola. But it was tolerated, a reason why Sepp Blatter has been elected its head five successive times.
There are countless examples of young players over the years, of which Kane is the latest and most spectacular, who have been given the trust of a manager at a young age and run with it. Going back to the early 1990s, that is exactly what happened to the likes David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Robbie Fowler.
On Sunday, 72,000 football fans attended a football match at Wembley Stadium that most people were entirely unaware was happening. In future years, should the English Football Association get its way, those people might be a little more clued-up.
The head of the Football Association was left red-faced and floundering after a Newsnight grilling on whether convicted rapist
It's always so easy to say somebody has 'served their time' and should be allowed to 'get on with their life'. But our moral responsibilities do not terminate when the legal process is over. We all still have an ability to send a message about the type of world we want to live in. If football seeks to do this in any meaningful way, then clubs should not be employing Evans.
Fifa has to face up to the decision-making processes which are routinely scrutinised and alleged to be dishonest or improperly influenced. In the last four years, four members of its Executive Committee have been forced out on the basis of suspicions of bribery. For such a large and important global organisation, such negative perceptions are unsustainable.