Grindr has come under fire for its ethnicity filter in the past, but some say removing it will "further erase them".
If dating apps are for finding a partner and I have a really great one then why do I feel as though I’m missing out? Timothy Gallagher writes
Three men were attacked after arranging meetings through the gay dating app.
“We don’t want minors on Tinder.”
First man guilty of intentionally setting out to spread the virus.
I have my height, I have my photo, I have what I’m into, but I don’t have my HIV status on there.
An executive at the hookup app told BuzzFeed the data goes to companies that provide services to boost users’ experience.
Grindr is expanding its gender identity options, making it a safe space for trans and gender non-conforming people.
Coming out is such an important time in a gay man's life, you're impressionable, you crave validation and you're exploring what the gay world has to offer. Downloading an app is far easier than going out and standing at the bar, trying to not look awkward, or alone. But the reality is, these apps make users feel dehumanised, isolated and miserable.