hair cut

Salons haven't even reopened, but many are already fully booked in spring.
Photographer Simon Dawson took photos of people's first haircut since March at two London salons.
These brave souls got out their buzzers, scissors, clippers and even tape measures to give themselves DIY haircuts.
Use these experts tips and video tutorials to trim long hair, curly hair, short hair and bangs.
From Meghan Trainor’s pink tresses to Kerry Washington’s natural curls, there’s a style for everyone.
Existential crisis ensues. 4. Sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, you undergo new, unwelcome realisations about your face
Already before Eurozone leaders reached a final agreement on the third bailout package for Greece, the hashtag #ThisIsACoup
I was about to remove my most defining physical feature and I was scared that I would lose my identity. There's no doubt about it, when people see someone with dreadlocks they have certain preconceptions about what the person will be like.