Halloween Ideas

A Halloween costume has gone viral as mums around the world find it the most relatable thing they’ve possibly ever seen. Rachael
Halloween is upon us again, the yearly sugar fest that is matched only by Easter and Christmas. It's a treat or treat bonanza, with a big payday for retailers and families stocking up on cheap candy weeks ahead as if their lives depend on it. Newsflash: Stores do not run out of sweets. And we all know what happens to a stash of goodies at home
Are our lives so dull and boring, that we crave such exciting, even depraved, thrills to liven things up? These Halloween experiences offer the same thing as fast fairground rides and horror movies do; the opportunity to experience an adrenalin rush (caused by shock and fear) in a relatively safe setting.
Normally the scariest thing about West Sussex is the prospect of a delay at Gatwick but all that changes in Autumn as Tulleys Farm open their world famous scream park for Shocktober Fest.
Sure I can't go knocking on neighbours doors asking for candy anymore (that'd be a bit weird wouldn't it?) I can look out for halloween themed events. Which means I still get to wear my fake fangs. Win!
JESUS PAINTING: What you need: -A tan stocking -Markers/Makeup -A robe -Desire to offend devout Christians How to sell it
If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas this year then our round-up of celebrities dressed up in their favourite Halloween
If you've invited your entire list of Facebook friends over for a Halloween party but are now panicking because you've done