hay fever

Along with the recent burst of sunshine, there has been an increase in people asking for help with their itching eyes and
As summer arrives, so do itchy eyes, sneezing fits and weekly shops for antihistamines to help hay fever sufferers survive
Hay fever sufferers have been forced to endure the longest hay fever season in more than two decades, scientists said. The
As Britain enters hay fever season, pollen from trees and plants, especially birch, is beginning to cause major problems
With the hay fever season under way, a recent study has discovered that Brits are sneezing, coughing and spluttering their
The kids have finished school and summer is officially here. Many of you are probably dreaming of long leisurely sunny days spent outside. Being honest looking outside today you wouldn't think summer has started and with all the sneezing , red eyes and runny noses in my waiting room one could be led to believe it was mid flu season