hay fever

There’s a story doing the rounds suggesting gin could help ease the symptoms of hay fever in sufferers. But, unfortunately
Heard of the hay fever injection? You may have heard good or bad things about it, but it's time to remove the sting and look
As a cyclist, I still want to be riding and spending lots of time outside - I want to try and carry on my normal routine and enjoy being pregnant without hayfever holding me back. But of course, like all mums to be I want to do the very best for my baby, so I was confused about how I can manage my symptoms.
If you're struggling with hay fever, you need to read this.
One in five people will be affected by hay fever at some point in their lifetime.  Symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose
Summer is here and the dreaded headlines have started already. Just a few weeks ago the newspaper headlines screamed: 'SUPER ALLERGIES to hit Britain this summer hitting a record one in four sufferers'. Over 150 million people have allergies in Europe making it the most common chronic disease.
If you do drink, you may want to think about what type of alcohol you have. Spirits like vodka, whiskey, gin and rum have less histamine than beers, ciders and wines. Red wine seems to be particularly high in histamine, so may be best avoided at the times when you suffer from hay fever symptoms.
Hay fever is rife at the moment and my GP surgery had an influx of sufferers this last week. We expect to see people when the pollen count is high, but this, combined with the unusually hot weather, is putting considerable pressure on Britain's healthcare services.
When Jannine McHaffie, 25, was told her nosebleeds were caused by hayfever, the last thing she expected was to lose half