hay fever

If you struggle with pesky pollen allergies, you might get multiple benefits from wearing a mask.
One doctor suggests all that extra sneezing could be an issue. Here's what experts say.
If socialising inside isn't an option, these hay fever hacks may help.
The Met Office’s pollen map shows increasing levels across England during this week’s mini heatwave.
Gurcharan Kaur was weeks away from developing seizures, doctors said. Now she's warning people not to ignore potentially serious symptoms.
When was the last time you washed your sheets...?
From showering to sunglasses, here's all you need to know 😎
As we begin the hayfever season, we look at the best ways to keep allergies at bay throughout spring and summer. From closing your window to rinsing your hair everyday, there are a number of ways you can fight back against pollen.
People with asthma should have inhalers on hand, charity warns.
“The pollen season could feel it has lasted longer, given it started earlier.” 🤧🌳