New research this year shows that, aside from sneezing and sniffling, allergies like hay fever can also leave sufferers with 'Allergy Face' - aka unwanted visible symptoms like watery eyes, red nose (from tissue overuse) and a puffy face. This means that hay fever not only influences how we feel but how we look, which can impact on our confidence and social lives.
The summer holidays are finally here, and our children are spending more and more time outside in the sunshine. It can be hard to know whether your little one's summer sniffles are down to a hayfever or a common cold.
At many different stages throughout your life, hormone fluctuations can cause lots of changes in your body, but the little-known fact that hormones can play havoc with hay fever symptoms (1) can leave teenagers, pregnant women and those going through the menopause with unexpected summer sniffles and sneezes.
What we do know is that some alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine contain high levels of a natural chemical called histamine, which is what the body makes when it responds to allergies. In fact, we take anti-histamine medicines to help stop the symptoms of hay fever.
Hay fever season is in full swing bringing with it leaky eyes, clogged sinuses and sneezing fits galore.  In fact, if you