Heavy Rain

A yellow weather warning is in place until Wednesday night as rain causes flooding and landslides in Scottish Highlands.
11 people had to be rescued from Poynton in the space of four hours after heavy rain caused flash floods in the area.
Communities across North Yorkshire have been affected by the summer storms, which saw nearly a month's worth of rain fall within 24 hours.
A yellow warning is in place for parts of the UK on Sunday.
A small risk of deep floodwater in parts of England and Scotland could cause “danger to life”, the Met Office said.
Gusts of up to 75mph will hit the south-west coast of the UK.
The province of KwaZulu-Natal has been hit by heavy rain and flash flooding for several days, killing over 50 people. Torrential downpours have weakened structures, causing several to collapse or be swept away by mudslides. Floodwaters brought waste into the port of Durban and several roads into the city were closed, according to local media.
Heavy rain, power cuts and travel chaos predicted as gale-force winds hit.