Helen Whately

NHS staff instead want "more colleagues" and to be able to "take time off", she told MPs.
Downing Street has refused to rule out giving health workers a one-off Covid bonus.
"Do you know I don’t have that figure at my fingertips," she told LBC's Nick Ferrari.
Helen Whately suggests new curbs could have similar impact to "sugar tax".
After being told she couldn't pin the blame on the government's scientific advisers, she replied: "Well I can," before swiftly rowing back.
More than 3,600 complaints were made to the TV watchdog after Piers' interviews with MPs Helen Whately and Matt Hancock.
The Good Morning Britain presenter has urged viewers to back him and not complain to the TV watchdog.
Helen Whately's suggestion that only the "capacity" for 10,000 tests exists contradicts the claims made by the Matt Hancock and Michael Gove.
Women may still have to fight against many barriers to equality, but how much better it would be if our daughters didn’t have to? Conservative MP Helen Whately writes