help for heroes

Veteran Steve Craddock has put himself through many cycling challenges over the last twelve years, raising over £500,000 for Help for Heroes by the end of 2019. Cycling an estimated 12,000 miles in fundraising events, becoming the largest individual fundraiser in the process.
Simply put, there are some things in life which are good for us. Eating well, exercising and socialising are all a given, but I think volunteering should be right up there as well. It's strange but it sometimes feels like I'm a different person now from who I was and I think a lot of that is down to contributing towards something I feel so passionately about. If you're looking to improve your own life, try helping others, it's helped me to rebuild mine.
When you think of a soldier being wounded, what first springs to mind? A physical injury, scars from the battlefield, an amputation? While these may be more immediately apparent, what many of us likely don't realise is that a significant number of the Armed Forces community are struggling with a burdening wound that's less obvious to the eye - mental illness.
Hundreds have gathered for the funeral of "hero" army veteran David Seath, who died after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest
In 2012, my working life in the army came to an abrupt end when I was severely injured by an IED explosion which resulted in a brain trauma injury, loss of hearing in my right ear and nerve damage to my back, hip, knee and ankle...
I've never moved in military circles. I'm from a family of civvies, which has made my learning curve all the steeper. There is much to understand. Since my baptism of fire at the Invictus Games, Help for Heroes have welcomed me into the fold.
Dave Sims isn't your average Tour de France contender and that's mainly due to his vehicle of choice. You see, Sims won't
Alex Ford in Afghanistan (left) and after leaving the military (right) Their stories do not fit the common perception of
It doesn't take much to make a real difference to the lives of many. While we all lead increasingly busy lives, we should not forget the privileges we have. Let's take advantage of the benefits we have in our lives and assist those less fortunate than ourselves. It needn't cost us a thing but the payoff is unimaginably huge.