Herd immunity

Downing Street failed four times to comment on bombshell BBC claim about the prime minister's attitude early in the pandemic.
Health secretary also cast doubt over whether England would return to the tier system.
Government scientific advisers say lockdown restrictions must be eased gradually – and may have to be imposed again.
IPSO criticises “significantly misleading” aspects of piece that condemned social distancing and lockdown
Professor Calum Semple said the projection includes the "game changer" of another vaccine being approved.
HuffPost UK reader Lyn asked: “If I get the vaccine can I still transmit the virus to others?”
Outgoing US president's vaccine summit also sees him still in denial over election defeat to Joe Biden.
England's chief medical officer hits out at Great Barrington Declaration, which is backed by 'lockdown sceptic' Tory MPs.
Reform UK will back an approach to the pandemic dismissed by the majority of the scientific community as “flawed”.