Hilary Devey

“She was unique in every way and brought grit and warmth with her into the Den."
She died in Morocco on Saturday after a long illness.
Hilary Devey has opened up about the health problems she's encountered since suffering a stroke five years ago, which caused
Presenter Clare Balding was left by her own admission a gibbering wreck as the Princess Royal presented her with an OBE for
I experienced first-hand the impact of poverty during my own childhood when my father was made bankrupt and the bailiffs came calling, and I wouldn't wish that situation on any child. At the moment, we are in danger of creating a generation of children living in a vicious circle of hardship and disadvantage, growing up in communities reeling from the double hit of the recession and public sector cuts... I am pledging to give more at a time when need has never been higher, and I'm urging everyone else to do the same.
As the new Channel 4 series, The Intern, kicked off a young woman stated "I haven't got a job, it's just no experience... no experience" which is very much heard of from young people nowadays. This highlights the very trivial dilemma in which a young person needs a job to gain experience, whilst on the other end employers refuse to hire inexperienced people.
Coming from a family where my mum has always the breadwinner, it is perhaps not surprising that I automatically see the role of women in the workplace as critical. I cringe in horror that she was once told she couldn't make a purchase without my Dad's authority and yet, in living my own life (including a stint in Corporate!) I really did think things had changed.
Beth's concept for Glamour Fix is beautifully simple. Girls, women, ladies who are heading for a night out or a special occasion can access a group of trained professional hair and beauty specialists who will make sure that they all look fabulous before heading out.
When I read the comment from Hilary, I was pleased, excited and just a little bit proud. For the moments before I started to find all the reasons to doubt whether or not it was as significant as it felt like it was, I was seriously, properly chuffed with it.
Dragons' Den star Hilary Devey has revealed she was raped at the age of 12 but kept the attack secret for 43 years. The multi