A beloved hippopotamus at El Salvador’s National Zoo has been beaten to death in a shocking attack. Gustavito was ambushed
As I watched my friend shoot the opening scene to Jon Matthew's first feature Khali The Killer, I felt my stomach start to churn in a mixture of horror and anticipation.
It turns out there's nothing more soothing that the soft splashing sound of a baby pygmy hippo going for a swim. Who knew
In my experience, all the best stories start with a central character. All great ensemble casts need leader and in the lives
Terrifying footage has emerged of a boat narrowly escaping an attack by a 1,500kg hippopotamus. Sailors on the waterways
A river guide has described his miraculous survival after being swallowed by an angry hippo in the Zambezi river, near Victoria
The discovery of a giant decapitated crocodile's head on a South African beach has sparked fears a huge shark could be on
As the dusk approaches we stop for a sundowner and then join the rest of the guests for a bush barbecue under the stars. Next morning, it's an early start to go out on foot for a game walk. Now, you might think this is slightly risky, but we do have an armed guard and only potential danger is a few distant elephants.
South Africa is now focusing on responsible and sustainable tourism, particularly for its safaris. It's the first destination in the world to offer "Fair Trade for Tourism".