home affairs

'It is an unfortunate incident that clearly shows how insensitive home affairs officials are. This runs contrary to their principle of Batho Pele.'
She told GroundUp that officials have refused to believe that she gave birth twice in the same year.
The department of home affairs says it is disturbed by a video showing an official using her phone while stamping passports.
Whatever his illness is, he just needs to play some Candy Crush, and he's "Gonna Be Right".
Despite earlier claims that four ANN7 officials were detained, home affairs now says this is not true.
Contradictory statements in black and white – was the Minister of Home Affairs lying then, or is he lying now? It's one or the other, or both.
"Ajay and Atul were not South African citizens," Malusi Gigaba has told a parliamentary committee.
Staff members say they “have never seen something like that before”.
The Department of Home Affairs has also been accused of being "institutionally xenophobic".