A formal consultation on extending civil marriage to same sex couples will begin in 2012. The public consultation "to consider
The lifetime ban on gay men giving blood donations is to be lifted, but only for those who abstain for anal or oral sex for
Ok, so Barack Obama may not be achieving the great things predicted of him in the White House, but let us get one thing clear: Mr Obama is - by a country mile - preferable to anything the Republican's have to offer
Isolation, intimidation and violent abuse are a fact of life for a large proportion of young LGBT (gay , lesbian, bisexual and transgender) people in America today. Statistics show that gay adolescents are much more likely to experience bullying, commit suicide or suffer homelessness as a result of rejection by their families, than their straight counterparts
Christian fundamentalists should cease their phoney claims of persecution and drop their demand to be able to discriminate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Instead, they should concentrate on supporting their fellow Christians elsewhere in the world who are suffering real and grave persecution because of their faith.
A Quinnipiac University poll released last week revealed that Michele Bachmann had consolidated her position as the second
Whatever excuses the Commonwealth may offer in its defence, one fact is indisputable: in the six decades of its existence it has never debated LGBT human rights.
Glee has gone all out to ensure that as many minorities as possible are represented. I admit that it is not a perfect show, but it is doing a lot for young people. It is incredibly popular, and if that popularity can be harnessed into doing some good for the LGBT community, I am all for it.