Despite the brevity of this General Election campaign, neither of the major parties' respective campaigns have managed to keep voters focussed on their preferred policy issues. Instead, we have seen a bitter presidential-like campaign pitting leader against leader. Whatever your allegiance, it's hard to think of a more divisive and personal contest in recent British history.
There is a new occupant in Number 10 Downing Street. Theresa May is now the Prime Minister, and has inherited a fairly daunting to-do list. Brexit has inevitably taken many of the headlines, but it is heartening to see that Mrs May has already zeroed in on another issue that will impact our lives for generations to come: the UK housing crisis.
Hundreds of thousands of people wish to live in London because of her booming economy and abundant job opportunities, so we build housing to accommodate them. How far do we go? Do we fill up every available site with the highest density accommodation possible, forcing us all into increasingly tiny dwellings?
This week I will present a 10 Minute Rule Bill to Parliament calling for stricter rules to impose fines on developers who deliberately exceed planning consents.
The UK needs a threefold increase in the number of new homes to help end the "blight" of poor housing, a report has concluded
A major expansion in house building is essential for Britain's economic recovery, according to business secretary Vince Cable
Construction sector growth slowed last month as economists warned that the prospect of a contraction in the overall economy
A £400 million fund to kick-start housebuilding is set to be announced as part of Government plans to solve Britain's housing