human trafficking

"He underlines the human reality at the heart of so many stories like his."
The Olympic champion was forced to work as a domestic servant from the age of nine.
Every day charities radio each other to warn of "rampant" human traffickers targeting women and children refugees.
The UK is doing everything it can to keep refugees out of the country – and spending millions to do so, writes Lauren Crosby Medlicott.
The 20-year-old woman from Romania was told she'd be working in a factory in the UK by the brothers, who then hid her passport and violently abused her.
Christopher Kennedy will appear in court on Monday morning.
Pointing the finger at traffickers for the deaths of 39 people in Grays is not the whole story, former adviser to the UK Anti Slavery Commissioner Emily Kenway writes.
A man and a woman, both aged 38, were held in Warrington on Friday, two days after 39 people were found dead in the refrigerated container.