Hunger strike

Nazanin’s physical and psychological health is declining, and the threat of a second trial still exists. This injustice has gone on long enough, writes Josie Fathers
MP Barry Sheerman says he knows it’s a “silly gesture” but it is “meaningful” to him
She stopped taking food in protest at her ‘unfair imprisonment’.
'We've got under their skin': Richard Ratcliffe protests outside London embassy as wife has been jailed since 2016.
Her husband has said he will join her in the protest.
My mum and I are working for freedom from these walls to live a normal life and be with our friends again
120 women are on hunger strike at Yarl's Wood Immigration Centre
The new motto is "Guantánamo: Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent." It is neither safe, humane or legal, however, if you are a detainee engaging in a peaceful protest against more than a decade of arbitrary detention. It is hardly transparent.
Many struggle to be patient with their children when they skip meals so they can feed them first. Some care for relatives in demanding physical ways in spite of lack of food. Others go to work each day on an empty stomach, earning their way but still with inadequate resource to pay for food, rent and heating. It is a national scandal.
One-eyed police killer Dale Cregan has gone on hunger strike in an apparent bid to be moved to another prison. The 30-year