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Other names on the list of peerages include former England cricketer Sir Ian Botham and newspaper owner Evgeny Lebedev.
However the BBC defended their stance, saying in a statement: “The interview was fair. We asked a broad range of relevant
And the row spilled over to Twitter ... Former cricketer Sir Ian Botham courted controversy during a live radio interview
This is not the first time Bothan has got into a heated debate on the radio over game bird shooting. Speaking on Radio 4
What we have here then are two opposing views, and it must be hard for members of the public to work out who is telling the truth. But I'd say two things - please look at the facts; and also look at the motivation of those involved.
Chris Packham was called an 'extremist' for rallying against grouse shooting.
Packham said there are three pairs of hen harrier breeding this year in England yet “we should have 300 pairs”. He added