Living with Crohn's has taught me to use my voice to stand up for what is important, and to use my voice to help others feel less alone.
Just 3% of Brits are aware IBS symptoms can also be signs of coeliac disease.
“Many people living with IBS need urgent access to toilet facilities."
A recent discovery has been that the bacteria within our gut play an important role in determining our weight. Your "genome" (all the genes that code and make you) is dwarfed by the gut "microbiome" (the microbial genes that reside within your gut) - a massive, highly individualised engine essential to your health.
Suffering from an embarrassing condition can be tough thing for anyone to deal with, but shutting loved ones out is not the solution to your worries. I find that talking to people about my condition reduces the stress and anxiety I get because I'm not trying to hide it.
The toilets are also closed from 11pm until 6am.
An IBS sufferer has branded Tesco “gross” after she rushed to use the loo in the supermarket but claims staff had removed
With the end of IBS Awareness Month in April, and the growing research into the importance of gut health we now know much more than we ever did about our guts. Despite this many of us are still not aware of what could really be behind our symptoms.
Pharmacists play a key role in signposting people with IBS symptoms to see their GP for a diagnosis. Our members have reported that talking openly about their condition with people who understand really helps them break this cycle supporting them in taking control of their IBS. Through our work, the charity is challenging the 'poo taboo'.
Cutting out glucose and lactose may not be the IBS cure-all you're looking for. And all those expensive supplements may not be helping you at all.