Iceland locals shared the faux pas they often see visitors committing.
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John Lewis, Aldi and Iceland's ads encourage us to buy "yet more plastic tat", say environmental groups.
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The Icelandic capital is surrounded by awe-inspiring natural wonders.
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A group of scientists and locals have unveiled a plaque to Iceland's first melted glacier. Okjokull was the first to lose its status as a glacier in 2014, attributed to rising global temperatures and climate change.
A glacial gravestone will memorialise Iceland's first glacier lost to global warming and feature a poignant "letter to the future."
A pair of seasoned performers have received a warm welcome in Iceland. Beluga whales Little Grey and Little White previously lived at an aquarium in Shanghai, China. They will be the first to inhabit a sanctuary for formerly captive marine mammals, off Iceland’s southern coast.
A scenic canyon in Iceland has been closed off to protect the local fauna, after eager Justin Bieber fans have swamped the location, looking to recreate their own shots from the popstar’s 2015 hit “I’ll Show You”. The video has been watched over 444 million times on YouTube. The area has seen a swell in visitors since the music videos release, but rangers couldn’t protect the delicate local ecosystem with thousands of fans trampling through. However Beliebers can still go to the plane-crash site featured in the video and get their perfect selfie.
From Hygge to Friluftsliv, the Scandinavians have it sussed.