In the past few weeks alone, I’ve sat through a sermon against celebrating Christmas, followed by a sermon against celebrating the New Year
The sermon was allegedly caught on tape six months before the Manchester Arena attack.
Arena bomber Salman Abedi worshipped at the same mosque.
There is no doubt that the roles and responsibilities of contemporary Imams have fundamentally changed over the years. Whereas initial Muslim migration to the UK would have been content with the Imam that led them in the 5 daily prayers, today's society requires a faith leader that provides a holistic service within the Mosque and effective engagement and representation outside.
At a time when Islamic faith leadership is under scrutiny, the actions of Imam Mohammed have embodied the true spirit of Islamic leadership and is something that should be praised, encouraged and emulated.
They have a duty to discuss a wider range of topics. So, if young people are vulnerable; are not sure about their faith, are scared about their religion and what it means; may possibly feel under pressure of social media - Imams need to tackle this.
Note: For more on the legend of Hussein's epic martyrdom, watch this or read the recently released 'God's Sacrifice: The
The article below appears in the second edition of the digital magazine Haqiqah (meaning the reality) and Qari Asim is the
The tragic conflict in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis has culminated in the now sadly iconic image of Aylan Kurdi on the beach in Bodrum. It has caused much soul searching; for individuals, communities, and nations, about how best to support the millions of people desperately searching for safety.
Muslims and Jews can only overcome challenges through solidarity and mutual cooperation to prevail over shared hatred, education, not legislation is needed. On both sides, the urge to live and let live peacefully must prevail over any other sentiments.