Well, we're five days in to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I have learned a few things. Indeed, my learning curve has been so steep I could have done with some crampons...
Months ago, I decided to do a Fringe show. I have no understanding about The Arts whatsoever, I'm a physiotherapist. My astonishingly-clever-at-the-time idea was to use the biggest arts event in the world to break down the taboo surrounding incontinence. Made perfect sense at the time.
In Japan, a country with the fastest growing elderly population in the world, business is booming... for adult nappies. And
Consuming just two cups of coffee per day could have an negative impact on men's bladder control, American researchers have
Statistics show that one in three women over the age of 30 will suffer with some kind of incontinence. This is not a condition of the elderly; it is something that will probably affect you or the woman sitting next to you at some time in your life.
Botox could soon be widely prescribed as a standard treatment for patients with an overactive bladder. In a major study funded
Schools have been criticised for bog standard toilets after a survey revealed one in four pupils avoid using the loo because