industrial action

Healthcare workers have already suffered a "year of hell", one staff nurse says, as unions warn of industrial action.
Care workers and cleaners say they have been “left with no choice” but to launch a strike.
Union bosses say 97% of workers were in favour of industrial action, where unpaid overtime and lengthy shifts on constant "high alert" are the norm.
As many as 43,000 uni workers are set to walk out over pensions, pay and working conditions.
Around 110,000 members of the Communication Workers Union were balloted in the dispute over pay, conditions and employment terms.
The decision comes just hours before industrial action is due to start.
Workers in two McDonald's restaurants in Crayford, south east London, and Cambridge made history on Monday 4 September when they became the first ever McDonald's workers in Britain to go on strike.
safety. However it is those very concerns that are now taking our focus towards industrial action. The current conditions are driving people out of the profession and putting new people off joining - and patients simply won't get the care they deserve from a workforce that is short on numbers