Infectious Diseases

This is what experts know about Covid-19 lingering when you no longer have symptoms and if it means you're still contagious.
Infectious disease experts warn that we know too little about the outbreak to say it will slow down with warmer weather.
Despite the fantastic progress in HIV science, public attitudes have not kept up, Terrence Higgins Trust CEO Ian Green writes.
Others who have used the salon are being urged to get tested.
We still think of AIDS as being a sexually transmitted disease, but approximately 1,000 haemophilia patients in the UK who were infected with HIV have died since the 1980s
"The disease is still deeply misunderstood," says 32-year-old as he bids to break stigma.
Passengers who travelled on the same flight as the patient are being contacted.
Over half of women living with HIV in the UK have experienced violence