After snapped elbow ligaments and a rolled ankle left her unable to compete for two years, Becky Downie could've given up – but she didn't. Here's how she got through the toughest times in her career.
A hiker has been rescued after he crawled for two days through the Australian bush for two days with a broken leg and wrist. Neil Parker received his injuries after falling six metres down a waterfall during a walk on Mount Nebo, near Brisbane.
Police shot and killed one suspect who they say went on a spree in the Midland and Odessa areas shortly after a traffic stop.
The 33-year-old was killed by a Malayan tiger at Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire last May.
Running is the best mental-health treatment I've found. I know this because I am currently injured – and miserable. I feel like I have lost a friend.
Running is the best mental health treatment I've found. I know this because I am currently injured - and miserable. I feel like I have lost a friend
Recently, I've experienced a bit of a setback. I broke both arms which, as a communications strategist, has been rather difficult. And, to make matters a little more complicated, I had to undergo surgery to screw my wrist back into place. It's a bit gory, so I'll move swiftly on.
High intensity exercising has continued to grow in popularity in recent years due to its fat-burning, muscle-building effects. But whilst this form of exercise is great for those who don't have a lot of time or space, with such an intense workout comes a lot of stress on the body, and more and more people are injuring themselves during their HIIT training.
I'd spent months building up stamina and improving my fitness, only to have to stop running because of something I couldn't control. When you know physically you can carry on, but it would only damage your knees even more, it's a pretty shitty situation.
According to the latest government figures, British nationals took more than 65 million overseas trips in 2015 - an increase of around 5 million on the year before. But alongside this increase in holidays also comes an increase in the number of injuries overseas, with a rise in hospitalisations abroad in 2015 of 2% on the previous year.